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The emphasis on natural and organic elements indoors is holding strong and in our books, that will never stop if we have anything to do with it!
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As ‘working from home’ is becoming the new norm, more people are looking for new ways to bring in the outdoors. We’ll continue to see things like unpainted - wooden cabinetry, and naturally distressed beams as fixed custom finishes in 2022 and beyond.  

Design by Amber LewisDesign by Amber Lewis

While bringing natural finishes into your home isn’t a new concept, the concept of bringing it into every room is an absolute game changer.  The key is to introduce things that make you feel emotionally charged in each room – calm, soothed and rejuvenated.  



1. head outside and find some oversized tree foliage for your vanity and countertop vases to give your baths and living spaces an earthy feel. 

 Design by Lindsay Gerber InteriorsDesign by Lindsey Gerber Interiors


 2. Try adding fresh, organic sheets and bedding printed with patterned leaves and birds to your bedrooms.  

Schumacher X Carlie Kemble Creeping Fern Fabrics in Light Green Schumacher X Cerlie Kemble Creeping Fern Fabric in Light Green

Botanical Floral Leaf Sheets by Wayfair CanadaBotanical Floral Leaf Organic Cotton Sheets by Wayfair

3. A great way to completely transport you to the outdoors when entering a room is to incorporate subtle scents in common spaces throughout your home.  I'm obsessed with the reed diffusers by NEST.  My faves are BAMBOO, CEDAR LEAF & LAVENDER. BIRCHWOOD PINE is also a must have. Trust me, total game changer.

Nest Reed Diffuser & Candle in Bamboo Scent
Reed Diffuser & Candle in Bamboo by NEST


4. Our last tip is to incorporate small furnishings such as wooden stools, jute rugs, wicker baskets, concrete vases and woven blinds into your decor.  These are easy but impactful ways to add some natural warmth to your abode.  

Design by Joanna GainesDesign by Joanna Gaines

Design by Athena Calderone 

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